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Rocco’s many colours

an interactive ebook by giuliana valoti

Blue like the sea, red like a cherry, yellow like the sun! And then? Find out with Rocco, a curious child who loves colours and can not resist the temptation to… touch them!

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“The children say so. And I told my child many stories. Long, short, straight, crooked, absurd, spatial, bestial, crazy, dark, black, white, whispered, shouted, yawned and hummed. In the end I drew one.”


The story began

From drawings first of all, pencils and watercolors on paper.
A simple and colorful story designed for little ones, to read with the older ones, but also suitable for young readers who take their first steps in the world of written words.

Stories to touch

Rocco’s many colours is an interactive ebook for children available in Italian and English for Android. It is about Rocco, a curious child who discovers the magic of colours during a walk. The images can be touched to activate small animations. There are no rules! All animations can be repeated endlessly!

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